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“Qi” means vital energy or life force “Gong” means exercise or work. So Qigong is a way of working with and mastering the vital energy that permeates all forms of life.


Life is subject to change and impermanence. Whether we notice it or not, we ourselves and everything around us is constantly changing. Not seeing or understanding this fact is what brings suffering, for trying to hold on to things that by nature are impermanent, must result in disappointment. Understanding that everything is changeable is the main principle we follow as practitioners of Qigong.


Ultimately Qigong is a state of being one with the universe. This is our natural state. Qigong is a way of bringing our entire being back in harmony with the natural world, whereas most of us are in the habit of trying to change the natural world to fit in with ourselves. The discipline of Qigong teaches us how to forget the distractions and remember our original nature.

There are many different methods of Qi Gong but they all involve the same three elements: body, breath, and mind. So what you need for Qi Gong is something you already have. The body is made pliable by means of postures and movements; working with the breath will settle both thoughts and emotions, and the mind is trained through the concentration of meditation.


Adjusting these three aspects with exercise and meditation will gradually train and refine your inner elements from gross to subtle “like water polishes a stone and makes it round, smooth and shiny”.


If these three aspects are aligned and in harmony with the universe there is no limit to what is possible.

  • On the physical level it will bring health and long life.

  • On the level of thoughts and emotions it will bring peace, contentment and flexibility.

  • On the level of mind it can ultimately bring complete freedom.

Regular beginner workshops and weekly group practise sessions are available.


Register your interest by calling: 0422 176 466


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