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If we push ourselves too hard or are pushed beyond our tolerance level, we can suffer stress. It’s such a simple word and we can feel that we suffer because we are weak and if we just push hard enough we can overcome. Not true! Stress is a modern word to describe the result of mental, physical and emotional forces on the body.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) defines health as being “the harmonious relationship of the Heaven, the Earth and the Man.” This means that there needs to be balance between the body, the environment and our spirituality. When this is not so, the body rebels, the organs begin to malfunction, we become forgetful, make poor judgements and get short tempered quickly and easily. Eventually we will get physically sick.


There are many types and causes of Stress :

 Emotional – worry, grief, constantly having to perform, overthinking.

 Physical – heavy workload, punishing training sessions, illness, surgery.

 Hormonal  – PMS, puberty, menopause.

 Low blood sugar – dieting, food intolerances, digestive disorders.

 Poor immune function – allergies, prolonged medication, overwork.


TCM believes that disease is present in the Qi (energetic) level for a long time before it manifests in physical form. Stress is an example of disease in the Qi level. We feel terrible and yet the Western medical tests are all normal.


Acupuncture and herb treatment can re-create the harmony in the body, putting everything back in tune and restoring the natural balance in mental, physical and emotional functions, allowing you to feel stronger, healthier and happier.


Acupuncture releases natural hormones called ‘endorphins’ from the brain, and these can make you feel very energised after a treatment but remember, a complete course is required in order for it to be maintained.


Don’t just survive – thrive!

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