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We have all heard tales of someone who had one acupuncture treatment and never smoked again. It’s possible, this can happen. 


But usually it doesn’t!


Let’s face it, no smoker actually wants to quit, that is the very nature of the addiction. Still, most smokers know that they must stop smoking for their own and their family’s health.


Traditional Chinese Medicine cannot bring you to quit; only your own decision can do that. However it can make the whole process of breaking the habit possible and bearable.


Acupuncture and herbs can support you by lessening the cravings, clearing and strengthening the lung energy (ironically the typical smoker has fragile Lung Qi to begin with), and treat the physical effects of withdrawal like constipation, moodiness and weight gain.


Often the problem is not actually in giving it up, but starting again weeks or months later. This is much less likely if the body has been restored to good health during that time.


Keep in mind that everybody is different so an individual plan must be made. A wide range of options is available to you: patches, hypnosis, liver cleansing diets and teas, a partner or friend who supports you etc.


Most important is to “know the enemy”. Nicotene is as potent a drug as heroin or alcohol! Even a small step is a huge victory.


Once you decide the combination of strategies that can work for you, acupuncture and herbs will be a huge help.


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