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A normal, healthy pregnancy should be allowed to proceed without interference but, these days, many women work until close to the due date and find they don’t have enough energy for both themselves and the baby. Acupuncture and herbs can restore this vital energy.


For discomforts of pregnancy (colds & flu, morning sickness, backache etc.) where western medicines are contraindicated, acupuncture can help without dangerous side effects. Serious disorders eg. Miscarriage, oedema, raised blood pressure, infections, poor foetal growth etc. can also be treated in consultation with your obstetrician.


The “Happy baby” acupuncture point, used at 20 and 30 weeks gestation enables the baby to expel any toxins that may have managed to cross the placental barrier. A baby who starts life without a build up of poisons is much calmer and happier.


While acupuncture can be very helpful during labour, a better result is achieved with a good preparation before labour starts. A weekly treatment during the last four weeks of pregnancy ensures that physically and energetically you are in the best shape for labour. When the muscles, tendons and ligaments are healthy and strong and when the Qi is in the proper order, childbirth will be much smoother.


After the birth the Qi and Blood need to be nourished so you can keep up with the increased demands of your new family.


Breastfeeding is often not as easy as it looks. Too much milk, not enough milk, a restless colicky baby or mastitis can throw life into chaos. Traditional Chinese Medicine has treated these problems successfully and gently for thousands of years.


Post Natal Depression is a shattering experience for both the sufferer and their family but it often has a simple physical cause, which is easily overlooked but can be corrected quickly and without the side effects of antidepressant medication. If you had Post Natal Depression with your last baby, advance treatment can prevent it from repeating.


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