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Menopause is not a disease!


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) describes a woman’s life in 7year cycles. This means that the normal time for menopause to occur is around 49 years. Menopause is not a disease, instead it is a process that may take some years to complete. 

TCM believes that menstrual blood is the physical form of the “pure essence” of the body. When a woman ceases to lose this precious essence each month, it rises to nourish the brain, hence menopause signals the beginning of woman’s time of great wisdom. Ladies, if we don’t believe tthis, who will?

However menopause can be a very uncomfortable time. Simply devastating hot flushes, mental vague-outs and emotional confusion, can make us question our very sanity. All these problems can have a simple physical basis and can be overcome with acupuncture and herbs:        

Hot flushes, Night-sweats

Mood swings, Irritability, Poor memory

Dryness, Tiredness, Weight gain.


Most of the menopause symptoms result from a weakened Kidney Yin (reproductive energy). While Kidney Yin naturally lessens with age, some things make it wear out faster: dietary habits, childbirth, overwork, worry, modern fast lifestyle, contraceptive pills. Luckily it can be replenished.

Acupuncture and herbs provide an alternative to chemical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) without risk of breast cancer, depression and weight gain. Herbal support will be needed periodically during the menopause time to ensure a successful transition. Because menopause affects each woman differently, treatment must be tailored to suit each individual woman.


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