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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a safe and effective treatment for most childhood diseases and ailments. TCM considers children’s illnesses to be different from those of adults. It has recognised paediatrics as a speciality area for thousands of years. Children are not miniature adults, their channels are soft and still undifferentiated, their Qi (life force) is easily manipulated, thus, they need refined and subtle treatment.

Less is more!


Treatment may include the use of acupuncture, herbs, moxibustion and massage. For kids 5 years and under the needles, which are extremely fine, are not retained but removed almost immediately. There is minimal sensation and it is not a problem for most kids. If necessary a laser is used instead of needles.


A child’s energy is very changeable; they get sick quickly and easily but also can recover rapidly in response to the correct medical intervention.


The number of treatments will depend on the child’s age, the underlying cause and duration of the disease. We aim to not only cure the presenting problem but make sure that you child regains full strength and immune function and returns to being a happy and healthy person. To this end parent guidance regarding diet, medications, lifestyle and discipline is a priority and we take the time to provide information and support to help you implement the necessary changes.


Patterns set in childhood can last a lifetime but can be changed now.



Asthma                      Eczema    

Cough                       Ear infections

Glue ear                    Swollen glands

Allergies                    Poor immune function

Diarrhoea                  Constipation

Reflux                        Colic

Abdominal pain         Poor appetite

Fever                         Infections

Bedwetting                Night waking

ADHD                        Autism

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