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Approximately one third of all adults experience occasional or chronic problems sleeping. Sleep deprivation or disturbance can lead to inability to function during the day, irritability, depression, chronic tiredness and exacerbation of other diseases.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Insomnia includes a number of problems:-

        Difficulty falling asleep

        Frequent waking


        Bad dreams



According to TCM, at night the “Shen” (spirit) comes to rest in the heart. Treatment is directed at strengthening the Blood and Yin of the heart, which will in turn nourish the Shen. When the Shen is strong we feel grounded and are less disturbed by outside influences eg worry, shock, emotions, overwork etc.


Acupuncture and herb therapy usually works more slowly than Western medications because it seeks to address the underlying cause, however many patients report an immediate improvement. Eventually you will have good quality and quantity of sleep without the need for any type of medication.


When babies and young children don’t sleep the whole family will suffer. Insomnia in children can usually be changed quite simply and that gives everyone the opportunity to sleep.


What could a good night’s sleep do for you?


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