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Headache is probably the most common problem we suffer. Many people actually think that headaches are normal and only complain when the pain becomes extreme or just won’t let up. But headaches are not normal they are a sign that the body is not functioning properly. For this reason treatment should be directed towards correcting the problem so that the headache doesn’t occur. A painkiller only masks the pain, while the real problem remains.


Causes of headaches may include: stress, posture, hormonal imbalance, trauma, liver malfunction, weather, acid stomach, food intolerance, high blood pressure, sinus or family tendency.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) identifies headaches coming from dysfunctions of various organs. Each one presents in a different way according to location, sensation, pain etc. So a throbbing temple headache will be treated differently from a dull pain at the back of the head.


 A diagnosis is made by feeling the pulse, looking at the tongue and an accurate description of the pain itself:– How does it start; what time of day; how often; how long does it last; where is the pain; is it dull; sharp; stabbing; what makes it worse; what makes it better? So, as you can see, your headache is unique, consequently its treatment needs to be individualised for you.


For an acute headache, acupuncture can work faster than a pill, but more importantly it can correct the underlying cause so you can be headache free. Prolonged use of over the counter medications can cause long term side effects whereas the Chinese herbs we prescribe have been used for thousands of years without causing harm.


Just imagine life without a headache...


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